Sunday, December 30, 2018

Final Post of 2018

This post is number 53 for the year and the last one for 2018. I don't get into new year resolutions, so I can't say I have any upcoming plans on changes.

In 2018, I was able to read through the entire Bible twice again and also read the New Testament an extra time. I'm debating on what to do for reading plans next year, but hope to increase my time of study of God's Word.

For the last month of advent season, I have heard sermons from various churches through different sources. Unfortunately, not all of them were based on Scripture and used video resources or songs as the message topic. I did come across a channel on YouTube that has material I could see using as future sermons of my own.

As I currently sit, I don't expect that 2019 will have much, if any, for trips happening. The two this year were a challenge and as time passes, they won't get easier.

I am praying that my nursing coverage will improve in the new year. I'm very grateful for all the hours I have covered and all that God has allowed me to do. This year had 35 shifts, day and night, that were not covered. I'm also very uncomfortable with one of my current providers, but she at least comes and allows my parents to sleep.

My primary night nurse is now starting college classes part-time and will be moving on to another career. That will mean four nights a week that will need to be covered when it's already a struggle.

Whatever comes in the next year, I can be assured that God is in control. This has been a year of ups and downs in this quad life and that will always continue. Thankfully, the infection I had last week seems to be clearing up and with only another day remaining for medication, everything has worked well.

Have a very blessed 2019 readers. Thank you for coming along with me in this journey and whatever comes next!

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