Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas Crunch Time

Sometimes in life, it seems you just keep getting behind and nothing moves forward. This week has been one of those times, and it isn't slowing down.

In early December, I agreed to preach for the final church service of the year on December 29. I didn't have a message prepared, but thought I had a fairly quiet month and could do it. Now with a week to go, I have a sermon written out, but no notes, PowerPoint prompts, or familiarity with what I'm saying.

Since 2007, I have also done a yearly review type of Christmas letter. As of this moment, it's only partially started, let alone finished. Part of this year has included funding trouble with my day assistants. Everything is in place, but hours that were worked in October have yet to be paid to some of my caregivers.

My mom and DHS supervisor have been trying to get it straightened out, only to meet with frustration. On Friday, I was told some of the problems should be fixed, but wait 60 days to resubmit paperwork. That means it would be four months after my caregivers worked until they were paid. Understandably, they aren't happy with this and want to look for work elsewhere. That's only October, November is still uncertain as well.

Therefore, I've started working on a letter to Iowa Medicaid in an attempt to rectify the issue. In addition, I have a church newsletter to do and an infrequent web client needs help and some research done. I'm also due to get a video out on my vlog if I stay on schedule.

Living the quad life does not mean you can't be active. Getting my mouth worked on a few weeks ago was the domino that started everything to fall. This is the first writing I've done flat since then and will likely not be the last.

No matter what gets finished when, I'm looking forward to another Christmas. The creator of the universe came as a humble baby born in a manger. This true meaning of the season can easily be forgotten in the busyness around us, but needs to be ahead of everything. Take time to pause this week and have a Merry Christmas!

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