Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's rare that I take more than one vacation er year, but it happened this past weekend. In June I was able to visit the Creation Museum and CHAMP Camp and this most recent to northern Indiana. A friend of mine, Jeff, had a commitment ceremony.

Jeff does not have a spinal cord injury like me, but he does have similar needs. He is unable to use his arms or legs, requires mechanical breathing, and uses Medicaid for funding. If he, or I, got married officially according to the state, he would no longer qualify for Medicaid and couldn't receive medical funding. Therefore, this ceremony was the same as a wedding in that the couple vows lifelong commitment to each other, but without the state paperwork.

Groom and I waiting to roll in.
The ceremony was definitely unique for weddings I have previously attended. This was much more laid back and "play it by ear" than I've experienced. I was the best man for Jeff and his younger brother stood with us as well, when he wasn't tending the music. I'm glad I was able to support Jeff in his milestone of his life and pray for many happy years ahead for he and his wife.

Last week, I wrote about Ken and the unexpected turn of events he had. Unfortunately, he is still in the hospital in Iowa City, so we stopped to visit him on our way home. Thankfully, he is able to somewhat speak again, but it looks like their will be a long road to recovery yet. My experience required two weeks in the hospital and I'm guessing it may be similar for Ken.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience of not having many friends outside of family. When you live with a severe disability, it is hard for people to understand the challenges of daily living and often shy away. Past birthday parties have mainly been relatives with one to two friends able to come. For these two friends, I'm glad that I have been given the ability to sit alongside them in times of celebration and struggle.

In the quad life, and every life, we need to be thankful for those God has put around us. May we all have someone to turn to for all occasions in life.

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