Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Friday evening before a three-day Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday, tomorrow, is also "Your Day without Shoes" promoting the benefits of going barefoot. I'm hoping to be able to go out Saturday, but that will depend on the weather and timing of possible rain. I posted tomorrow's event on my Facebook profile, we'll see if I get strange, or any, reaction to it.

Me with my paternal grandparents in 2010.
This Monday is Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, and a weekend when many families go camping. I wonder how many people actually remember the reason for the holiday though? My paternal grandfather served in Korea, but he talks very little about it. If I had been able, I often think I would have joined the Air Force, or some other military branch, after high school. That was not the case though, so I try to remember those that have gone in my place.

I am definitely guilty of going through Memorial Day without giving a thought to the reason we celebrate it. It's often a day I'll go train watching or spend in front of my computer playing games. Veterans like my grandfather came home to a country that did not truly appreciate their service and often just went home and were possibly greeted by their spouse. He at least didn't have the trouble of Vietnam soldiers of getting spit on and called bad names, but it was still very different than today's returning soldiers.

May we all truly remember the cause for celebration this coming Monday. As we enjoy our freedom to do as we please, let's remember how we have that freedom and those who have, and are, fought for it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It has now been two weeks since I broke my leg. At this time two weeks ago I was getting settled in my intensive care room at the hospital and wondering what would come next, how was life going to proceed through the next day?

Since that night and coming home, I can tell my body is working on healing. I become tired much more quickly than I usually do and I can't keep going all day without taking a break. I have also been having trouble staying comfortable. The longer the day goes, the more I need to have fans and slow down my tasks. For work, or getting much accomplished, this is not a very good situation.

Thankfully, I am also noticing improvements as the days pass. This is the first evening I have felt energetic enough to do much other than just watch movies on my computer. Granted, I did take a rest this afternoon, so that likely has something to do with it. This Thursday I have an appointment with the surgeon that worked on my leg. It will be the first time I've been out, or up in my chair, since coming home. My assistant, and I, are a little nervous about putting my leg through the stress of lifting me, but I pray that it will go well.

Also since coming home, I have been having a number of bladder issues. I normally straight cath (look it up if you're confused on the term) three times a day and have no trouble. Unfortunately, I've had a few days, like today, that I needed it done more frequently and had trouble with leaking. I'm starting to wonder if my medication for bladder control is no longer working. I tried a different one a few years ago, but I had horrendous headaches as a side effect and had to switch back. Hopefully something new is available now, but I will see.

Before the leg incident, I had planned on making this a complete "barefoot summer" after my school talks. I normally go barefoot most of the summer, but I generally went with flip-flops or sandals while at doctor's appointments or hair cuts. This year, I'm hoping to skip footwear altogether, I thought there's no better way to promote going without footwear than doing so myself. This week's doctor's appointment will be the first test, to see if my nervousness or feet win out. The leg that had surgery was covered in antiseptic soap, leaving my skin, and toe nails, an odd shade of orange. At least my fellow patients in the waiting room will have something strange to see. A man in a wheelchair, barefoot, with one foot showing orange toes, let the stares begin!

On my next entry, I'll try to say how the excursion went, as well as my doctor's approval.