Thursday, December 30, 2010


In less than 48 hours, 2010 will be complete and the new year start again. This past week I completed my annual review of the year and gave brief descriptions of different activities. My friends and family enjoy it, but in some ways it's disappointing as well.

Every year, there seems to be so much more I could, and probably should, have done. I imagine many of us feel that way though. For me, it's mainly feeling like I hold myself my back. More calls or emails could have been done for possibly more business. I could have contacted more schools to give talks at, and used my funds to help those around me as well as people with limited means.

I can hear the question now, "Aren't you the guy that can't move, or even breath on his own?" Yes, that's true, but why does that matter? We've been given technology that helps persons like me overcome these problems. Therefore, not having control over your body isn't a reason to get lazy, or not push toward goals.

As we enter another year, many people make resolutions of various types. For 2011, I think my goal will be to let very few opportunities pass, and work to fully use the abilities and knowledge God has given me. Maybe the review for 2011 will be six pages instead of this year's three.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


As a vent dependent quadriplegic, I rely on technology for every breath I get. Whether it is from a ventilator, or my new diaphragm pacing system, technology is involved in some form. As a web developer, I also use technology for work, it's also required for people to view my work.

Last week, my computer started acting up, freezing unexpectedly due to screen problems. As any geek would, I attempted to isolate the problems and work so as not to have them occur. Unfortunately, this only worked for a few days, and Wednesday night, while having supper, the computer froze while simply running the screensaver. Attempting to restart it on Thursday was not successful either.

Therefore, a trip to the Apple store was needed to start the fixing process. Thankfully, one of my assistants was going there today with her family and was willing to drop it off. In the mean time, while my primary computer is is the shop, I'm using my backup computer, about a five-year-old laptop.

I'm thankful that I have been able to get these resources, and that I was given information about an online backup service that has allowed me to continue working. Getting used to this computer's quirks and older technology has taken some adjusting, but I'm grateful to have the option.

As for the other pieces of technology I depend on, thankfully God has provided engineers that make them very reliable. No engineer can fully duplicate God's design of the human body, but for those of us that need alternatives, He has provided a way.