Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Yesterday, I spoke at a grade school in Des Moines. This isn't a new event, but it was my first time at this particular school and it had a few new challenges. Due to me not understanding correctly, I had a few surprises.

My calendar said that I was first speaking to 4th through 8th grade students at their morning chapel. Chapel in Christian school is generally a time of singing praise songs and listening to a speaker for a short while before starting classes. After I spoke, the younger grades would have their chapel time and then I would do my regular presentation for the 3rd grade students. That's partially what happened.

For the last several weeks I have been putting together a presentation for this chapel that would work in the allotted time and not require student participation, unlike my usual presentations. I went with the topic of using tools. We all use tools for every task God has given us, be it legs, voice, pen and paper, or wheelchair and mouth stick. The ultimate tools we have been given are God's Word, the Bible, and the door of salvation, Jesus. I only had to add one story in to get to the right time and it went well.

Just after I finished, I learned I would be the presenter for the younger kids as well. I started to think of what to say, and not say, so I would still have something to cover with the 3rd graders. I then did a similar presentation as with the older grades, but didn't cover as much and tried keeping it more interactive. I still had items left for the last class and everything seemed to go well.

I'm very thankful I was allowed to speak with these kids and the impromptu talks were a fun challenge. Looking back, I would have done some things differently, but that means I will know for another time.

Unexpected times in the quad life aren't always a bad thing. I'm thankful God gave me the words to say and that He allows me to teach in this way. I look forward to the next time, in two days.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Spring Chicken
Sunday marked the official start of spring. The weather the past few weeks has been much warmer than the average and the change should mean more warmth to come. However, it snowed Saturday and tonight through tomorrow may be close to a blizzard again. It has been said if you don't like weather in Iowa to just wait a few minutes. It works the opposite way as well.

With the new season, it means my calendar is filling up again after a few months of hibernation. Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment of the year with another one coming up in a few days. Other than that, not much has been going this week. I am nearing completion on studying in the School of Biblical Evangelism and continue my up and down routine every two hours.

I'm glad to say that my girlfriend and I have now celebrated six months of being together. We don't know what God has in store for us, but will continue to follow His lead.

With this past Sunday as Palm Sunday, Good Friday is coming followed by Easter. Be sure to remember the sacrifice and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. We fall short of following His commands, but He payed the price for us.

Just a quick update in the quad life this week. Next week about this time may have more to report.

Monday, March 14, 2016


I'm thankful to report that my friend Ken returned home from the hospital. I got to the hospital Friday just as he was about to be rolled out the door to start the trip back. Over his stay, I was able to visit three times. Looking back, I've noticed a few things.

When I'm in the hospital, the nurses have always been careful when visitors are around. They don't discuss any medical information unless prompted and try to be as scarce as possible. Even when I have someone assigned to stay with me they will often excuse themselves while my parents come. That didn't happen when I visited.

Hospital rooms are small, so I wasn't always able to get all the way in the door with other medical equipment around. However, nurses freely come in and out when my assistant and I were there and discussed medical information freely. It was rather surprising to see this change.

No, I'm probably not the most regular looking visitor. When nurses see me, they likely presume, correctly, that I'm very familiar with the hospital system and not easily surprised by what's happening. Nothing too detailed was said, but still more than I should have been hearing.

Fortunately, it has been about four years since I have had a hospital stay and the staff has all changed. Staff changes aside, I would still hope privacy concerns would be a hospital regulation. Maybe I'm just picky too and pick up on things faster than some people.

It will hopefully be quite a while until I see hospital patient interactions again. This was an observation of the quad life from the outside that I hope isn't repeated.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Last week, my friend Ken called that he was in the hospital and being transferred to Des Moines. Therefore, I went up to see him Friday and Tuesday and keep up to date on improvements.

He is at a hospital I've been a patient in several times. However, I had to find it ironic I wasn't sure how to get to the rooms from the parking lot. Whenever I've been in the hospital, I get to the room by getting pushed on a bed. Looking up in the elevator did reveal a very familiar ceiling.

I never know quite what to say when visiting in the hospital. As the patient, it's nice just to see people from the outside. I like hearing about what they have been doing, but not sure everyone does. Fitting into a hospital room with a bed and my chair is a challenge as well.

Thankfully, Ken is improving and it's good to see him be his regular self again. The place I ride bike is just a few floors away, so I have been making dual purpose visits in visiting and biking. These last two times are the closest I have had sessions together. My legs didn't complain at all and the calm seems to be lasting longer. I could get used to doing it multiple times a week, but going to Des Moines for a different reason would be preferred.

Last week's internet problems have continued. After Thursday's work, everything has still been very slow and sporadic. Monday, it took me all day to do an update that usually takes 15 minutes. This morning wasn't any better, so I called my provider and they are sending out another technician. Ironically, it has been working well since I called.

It seems some weeks blend together in the quad life, but you sometimes wish things were different. I'm praying for Ken's health to return and his routine get back in place. Until then, we'll see what a few more days has in store.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Late Week Post

This has ended up being a busy week, so I'm writing here much later than usual. The main two events have been weather changes and internet trouble.

Last week Saturday was very warm for February in Iowa. We set a new record of 71° for what felt like spring. I took a long lunch and got out on the deck in t-shirt and shorts. My eyes weren't used to being out in the sun, but it felt very good. My white legs almost glowed in the bright light, but stayed warm even with a little breeze.

Unfortunately, weather can change quickly in the state. Tuesday didn't get above freezing and today wasn't much better. I was back in my sweatshirt, jeans, and coat for running errands. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the upper 40's again though with mid 60's at the start of the week. Early signs of the new season are very welcome and I hope they continue.

During Tuesday's chill, we also received an increase in internet speed, at least in theory. Watching progress bars for large files going online has worsened the past several months, so it was time to change. For a good portion of the day, we didn't have phone or internet, so I was a little nervous about someone trying to reach me.

After the technicians finished everything, the new speed was slower than the previous. An extensive time on the phone yesterday didn't help and required another visit today. The second visit has helped, but the upgrade has seemed more like a downgrade so far. Hopefully it will get better so I can help clients more quickly.

That has been about it for this week in the quad life. Hopefully next week will be earlier, and warmer.