Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold Busy Week

Along with last week's anniversary, it was a busy week. I had something to go out for every day Sunday through Wednesday. Not only did I have to go out, but they were also the coldest days of the week. My first day staying home, Thursday, was the warmest of the week.

I think we have the activities calendar backward in Iowa. During the winter months, when the majority of people don't like going out, is when the most activities occur. At church, the children's groups run from September through March, just when the nice months end and begin. Why don't we turn the schedule around so we're out during the warmer months?

Most people I know enjoy getting out when the weather is more enjoyable. Therefore, I think it makes sense that activities should coincide with this as well. Yes, summer camps get this correct, but they only last a week or so. Meeting every week like we do this time would give kids, and families, something to break boredom without school and not have to worry about bad weather. Tomorrow, for example, we are forecast to receive about 9" of snow. That will possibly necessitate canceling activities and keeping kids home, where they should be in cold temps anyway. Last week wasn't partially by choice for excursions though.

On Sunday and Monday, I went to hear a few talks in Des Moines given by Answers in Genesis. Tuesday and Wednesday were then with other church activities that I agreed to be part of. I enjoy participating and being active, but just think timing needs to be switched. Maybe they have it correct in the southern hemisphere. I know I could get used to having Christmas at the beginning of summer!

In the quad life, and any life, we choose what we want to do and how to serve the community we live in. Even if it isn't the most agreeable with what we would prefer.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

30 years

Thirty years ago, on February 20, 1985, the life my family and I knew was ended. With mom sustaining major lower body injuries and my high spinal cord injury, we were thrust into a new world.

In the three decades since then, we have all learned a lot. First of all to trust in God's timing and plan for the life we've been given. There have been several times that after months, or years, of planning, something we didn't expect ends up taking place.

Statistics say someone injured at age 20 and on a vent has a life expectancy of about 25 years. Someone injured at 40 goes down to just over 12 years. I haven't found research for injuries at my age (3 years), but I'm likely a little over or at the average age. I have friends that have similar stories and are more years post injury and others that passed away years ago.

Whatever the numbers say, I have been given a long time in this position and an equal amount of blessings. My parents have been the biggest gift through all these years and have gone through everything with me. Nights and days without nurses, time in the hospital, getting necessary supplies and funding, the list could continue for quite some time. Despite their own struggles though, they have helped in every way possible. Along with them are the countless caregivers I have been given and who have been a key part in helping me do the tasks I've been given.

Unfortunately, as time passes, it seems the challenges continue to expand. As I get older, pressure sores and skin issues continue to be more of a problem. Regular readers will know the posts of when I am flat in bed and not able to do much. This past year of the extreme funding struggles and continuing issues with equipment and other needs. I have had times that I couldn't see going on any longer and so looking forward to being done with the life of SCI.

When we are weak is when God seems to be the strongest. Putting full trust in His plan is often difficult, but the only assured way to go. As I work through this unique life, that trust continues to grow. With my parents aging, my needs increasing, and daily routines often uncertain, I never know completely what to expect.

I do know that I've been given these years for a reason and work to God's plan. I don't know how much more time I have, but be it short or long, I will continue to live the quad life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Watching Nature

Winter in Iowa is still holding on strong, but it is not keeping a tight grip. The snow we had the first weekend of this month retreated a lot this past week and Saturday was nice enough to get out and watch trains.

As the video shows, snow was still on the ground, but melting quickly. Between trains we even had a window slightly open. With the stillness of the air we could easily hear the call of a red winged black bird and even a bald eagle near the river behind us.

Even with the cold and snow, God's creature continue to be busy. My bird feeder has been busy the past few weeks with the ground covered. In the coming weeks hopefully spring will start to appear and the outdoor activity increase.

As that happens, the quad life will continue looking out my side windows.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Old Quad

With my thirty year anniversary of entering the quad life approaching, I've been thinking back over the years I've been given. As a result, I've come up with this list of observations.

You know you're an old quad when:
  1. your every day equipment brings up memories of the “good old days” for caregivers.
  2. you order new equipment, and notice a change, and realize it has been this way for years.
  3.  you have been “in the medical field” longer than your caregivers
  4. your doctor asks you what orders to write.
  5. you can’t begin to count how many people have seen you without clothing.
  6. medical students look to you for advice just like their instructors.
  7. the original doctor(s) that treated you have been retired so long that current doctors never heard of them.
  8. you can relate medical history with what you were doing in school.
  9. you have outlived every statistic for life expectancy.
  10. you have comebacks for nearly every comment you receive in public.
  11. the place you order supplies from knows you on a first-name basis.
  12. you fully know you can’t do anything without caring support of those around you and God’s care and protection.

I'm thankful for all the unique experiences I've given and look for more to come in following years. That's it for this week in the (old) quad life.