Monday, October 24, 2011


Time can pass quickly, or not fast enough, and can go both ways at the same moment. My last post was so long ago that much has happened, more than I dare to remember, or know where to begin.

In late August, my diaphragm pacemaker started having a short. At first, just a few positions would make it alarm, but it kept getting worse. I contacted Synapse about it and they would come to Iowa to fix it, we just needed a place to do it. I first tried Dr. Hicklin's office thinking my pulmonologist would be the best place to start. After a few weeks of back and forth though, he decided no. A week later he changed his mind and said yes, but then the Iowa Clinic said no. In trying with my GP in Pella it took several weeks again before the hospital said no. Thankfully, the company is doing a repair for someone else in Minnesota next week, so we are driving there and Synapse will do the repair.

When it finally gets done, that will be over two months that this has taken to get a repair done. My one year anniversary of pacing is on November 15. Therefore, I've spent almost a quarter of my time pacing trying to get it fixed. Weeks can quickly turn into months, but I sincerely pray that this will not be the future of this system.

Also in August I got a new computer, an Apple iMac. Ever since I started college I have been using laptops of various types, IBM, Dell, and Apple. Apple's desktops are quite large, so dad built a contraption that hangs from the ceiling and rolls toward and away from me. It is a great idea, but it meant waiting two months before using my computer. Going back to a desktop has taken a little getting used to though.

I like just having a keyboard in front of me, but the screen not being so close is different. It has made me realize that my eyes are worse than I thought. I haven't resorted to using my glasses much, but I'm afraid I will have to more than I would like to.

My last post mentioned wanting to be busier than I had been. That prayer was answered a few times over. No, I haven't been working every minute since then, but their has been more work in general and several very busy weeks. I've been given more new clients this year than I believe I have ever had in one year. It has been a blessing to be busy and I pray that it continues and I can be productive.

About a month ago I was told about the Johnson family. They had been in a car accident while on vacation and their six-year-old daughter was killed. Two surviving daughters had multiple hip and leg injuries and their three-year-old son is now a quadriplegic. Reading their story and how their son is progressing brought back memories from so many years ago. His mother said he was grinding his teeth in an attempt to talk to him.

I remember doing that as well and thinking in my mind that I was speaking. It sounded exactly right, every syllable coming out through my teeth just like I wanted them to. Fortunately, he went home with his parents and sisters only three months after his injury. This seems very quick to my thinking, but I will watch them and see how he progresses. I so wish that I could go see them and play with him and show that using a mouth stick is okay. Unfortunately, I know that is very unlikely to happen, but at least we can be in contact.

Well, CHAMP Camp and many other things remain, but my time is running out. Hopefully I will write again before the year is through, and many times more.