Sunday, November 4, 2018

Discerning Truth

When I was in college, I had a class on marketing. Part of the teaching was to consider the source, and funding, of information before fully relying on it. As example, a study funded by Dr. Scholls will likely not conclude that going barefoot is best for feet, but that everyone needs particular inserts or shoe type.

It is once again election season with final votes being cast in just two days. For the last few months, political advertising has been increasing on YouTube and social media. When I watch the evening news, almost all the commercials the past few days have been politically geared. These are times I especially remember to consider the source and look for what is not being told.

Main stream media tends to be very concentrated toward one political party. Therefore, I expect to see anything the other party does portrayed in a bad light even if it requires stretching the truth. With access to the internet available everywhere we go, it's very easy to check on what is being put forth as truth. Life experience can also be beneficial.

One commercial I have seen numerous times shows a C5 quadriplegic, Tucker, going through his morning routine while telling his story. In it, he says how his nursing agency dropped his care and forced him to move. This was a rough situation, as I perfectly understand, and then he goes on to say how bad the Iowa Medicaid system is.

The commercial implies he had to go to a facility, but I notice Tucker is rolling around in a house. Therefore, he is either at a very small place that uses homes or is back in his own home. Tucker also doesn't say why his agency dropped him. Was it due to lack of care providers (as I had once)? Did he no longer qualify for help? As a C5 injury, Tucker shows he has some arm control and breathes independently. I've known other quads with similar, or higher level injuries that don't qualify for much care due to not needing breathing assistance.

It is also possible Tucker was denied care for lack of funding. Whatever the case, the viewer is led to make assumptions and support a particular candidate. I do agree that Iowa's Medicaid system needs work. However, I've seen medical funding get messed up as a result of both party's actions. It's just another pawn that is used during campaigns.

I encourage everyone to vote, but also be well informed by researching candidates and their party. The choice can have major consequences for the quad life and every citizen.

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