Sunday, March 29, 2020

Modeling Bug

A few weeks ago, I made a video about how I do model railroading with my mouth stick. Unfortunately, it somewhat started an itch that I can't scratch.

I have enjoyed trains as long as I can remember and part of the fun is doing model trains. It's to get out by the tracks and go railfanning (watching trains), but weather doesn't always allow it. Therefore, working with small versions of them is the next best thing.

In junior high, my English teacher was also a rail enthusiast. He and I went out to watch trains several times in the summer, but he also formed a train club. A few other boys in my class were in it and we would spend time after school on Fridays putting together model trains that we could beg from our parents.

Mr. Muether was an excellent teacher and he did a great job of making it so I could interact with my classmates more and get to be an early teen. Some of the club's field trips, and rail camping, are fresh in my mind nearly 25 years after they happened.

Dad and I eventually built a train layout in our basement, just below my bedroom. He got the table top made, foam laid down, and tracks arranged with hills and curves. I don't remember how long that took, but the layout hasn't really progressed beyond that now for well over ten years.

Unfortunately, life can get in the way of things you enjoy and would like to do. With dad's busy work schedule and my very limited time up, we have extremely little time to give to our hobby. This current quarantine situation hasn't helped either. I could be in my chair likely by the layout right now instead of writing this. However, with churches doing online services, I have had a busy week helping organize and needed my sitting time to get work done.

Since making the video, I have been watching more model train videos and "window" shopping for items I like online. It's part of living a busy quad life and being sure to help others first. This week, and the next, look like they will still be at home. Maybe I'll get to scratch the modeling itch yet, but time will tell. I'm thankful to be safe at home and healthy and able to stay busy.

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