Sunday, September 27, 2020

Getting Poked

In May, I was due to get my annual physical with my primary care physician (PCP). I didn't feel comfortable going to a doctor's clinic at that time and opted to wait a few months. It was my hope that mask requirements and restrictions would be gone, but that didn't completely happen. I didn't want to wait too long, so I had my annual physical on Friday.

For most people my age, I have heard physicals usually include getting your height and weight checked. Unfortunately, the small hospital I use for my PCP isn't equipped to do this for me, so I have to go on the last time I was weighed (two years ago) and guess if much has changed. I would like to get more accurate results, but it's not an option.

I went over my laundry list of medications with the doctor's nurse, and the doctor, and discussed any changes. He was glad to hear that one of my pressure sores finally healed, but I still have two to go. I'm thankful for any progress I hear.

After that, it was time for updated shots. I had to get an update on my tetanus for starters. Since I'm always barefoot, I need to be careful if I step on a nail somewhere. Then I got a TB test and finally, my annual flu shot. I have a few friends on Facebook that are adamantly against vaccinations of any kind, especially the flu shot. However, I have received one every year as long as I can remember and am a great example of being in great shape even with the shots.

Wearing a mask in the waiting area was as equally unpleasant as it has been all this year. Thankfully, every doctor, and nurse, I have visited quickly lets it be removed in the office. They have all agreed it's more important to breathe than the little protection a face covering provides.

Maintaining a healthy quad life is important to me. On Saturday, I spent the day with a low fever and not feeling the greatest, but it sometimes happens after flu shots. I'm not looking forward to the approaching flu, and cold, season again, but will rely on God's protective and healing hand.

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