Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is the start of 2011, for many it's a start for new goals and looking toward new expectations. A few days ago, I posted my thoughts for 2011, but I'm consistently reminded how much I rely on others.

Last night was New Year's Eve, and my parents and I had a few friends over to help celebrate. I had my assistant get me into my chair shortly before she left as to save time later on and have one less lift for dad. As always, I stayed barefoot when I got up as it's my preference and goes along with the multitude of studies I've done, groups I belong to, and various people I've spoken with on the subject. Unfortunately, my parents don't care about any of these things or are willing to take the time to listen.

Therefore, I was forced to have footwear put on due to my parent's belief that "it just looks weird." So, as our guests started arriving, I was being made to don shoes and socks. Just having socks is a very cheap cover-up in my opinion, and trying to satisfy some unknown rule that one can't go barefoot inside in the winter.

Through all these years of being a quad, I'm grateful for all my parents have done and, as I've stated before, I would like to be able to help more. It's unfortunate that situations like these arise then, and too frequently. Even though I was brought up to be an adult as independent as possible, I'm not allowed to make my own decisions. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm though with other quads living with their parents.

No matter your age, accomplishments, or responsibilities, you're still treated as a child. Decisions are made for you, no matter your wants or thoughts, and no real solution exists. As this year starts, I pray that similar times will decrease; unfortunately, history does not show that being likely.

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