Sunday, November 18, 2018

One Year Preaching

In September 2017, I received my license to exhort, or preach, in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). My first sermon was a few months later on November 12, 2017. In the year since I first preached, it has been a unique experience.

Last week, I watched an evening church service online. It was a man who had recently been licensed and was preaching at the same service I started. Since then, I have preached at seven CRC services, once at camp, and two back-to-back services at a Methodist church. The total of ten times puts me nearly the same number of schools I have spoken at in a year.

So far, I have not preached more than twice at a single church. Therefore, I have only prepared two messages and have just reused them. Staying in one church, most pastors can't get away with this, but it has helped me get familiar with preaching and not simultaneously make a new sermon each time.

My goal for this winter is to write at least two more messages. I have ideas in my head, but so far they haven't come through my stick to get fully written. Every time I plan to start, something else comes up or I can't get my thoughts to focus on the task.

Every time I preach though, I'm thankful for the opportunity. I know I don't have a clear voice and can be a little hard to understand, but God continues to use me for His purpose. So far, I have only had to turn down one request due to a church sanctuary not being accessible.

I recently read an article that private schools and churches are exempt from the ADA and therefore don't always make an effort to allow access for all. However, two of the facilities I visited made ramps for me to get up on stage and one already had a ramp built-in. Maybe the preaching quad life will raise awareness that all areas of a church need to be accessible.

What may come in another year, I wouldn't try to guess. I pray that I can continue to preach more as well as continue volunteering at outreach events in my area. Only God knows the future and I'll continue going along His plan.

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