Sunday, September 22, 2019

Controversial Buns

When you have absolutely no control of your body, you're completely dependent on others for absolutely everything. It's a regular part of the quad life, but can result in odd conversations.

Regular readers will know very well that I am dealing with pressure sores. One is on my extreme upper right leg, another on the coccyx, and the third on my left glute muscle. All three have been around for several years, two over a decade, and are a constant concern.

Twice a day, every day, dressing changes are done with different creams being applied to help promote healing. I think they somewhat help, but VERY slowly. Dressings are held on with tape and I'm good to go for several hours. The controversy comes in when deciding how much ointment, dressing, tape, and what size of gauze to use where.

I currently have five different people that do my wound care. Every single one of them thinks they do the job the best and gives tips for me to pass along to the others. Along with different opinions on treatment, each one also provide different reports on healing progress. I can see my back end without some precise mirror handling, so I generally rely on reports from my caregivers.

Early this week, I heard from three different people of a new large skin tear in a certain area. With taking tape on and off of new skin twice a day, further abrasions aren't uncommon. However, this was more than I typically heard. Since it sounded like a significant area, I try to carefully word a reminder to everyone to please be careful with placing tape, use very little, and also use caution when removing it.

Any such mention brings up more advice than I have caregivers. It's a challenging juggling game sometimes, especially when I don't have control of my hands in order to juggle.

No matter the debate, I'm thankful God has provided the people I currently have. Each one means well and is concerned for my care, but sometimes may not see what someone else does. I am also thankful these wounds have improved over the last few years, but look forward to a day when such problems no longer exist.

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