Sunday, September 15, 2019

Preaching Again

In October 2018, I preached at a friend's church near Louisville, KY. A few weeks later, on October 21, I gave another message at a church in northern Iowa. That service concluded a busy first full year of preaching. Unfortunately, that was the last time I have had the opportunity.

I was scheduled to help at a church in February, but the service was cancelled due to icy conditions. I had hoped to get asked to preach a few times this summer, but I never heard from anyone. So far this year, my home church has had three times our minister was gone and someone needed to fill the vacancy. Everyone who gave messages did very well, but I wasn't asked to do any of them.

A friend of mine has the same license I do and he said this was the slowest year he has ever had. However, I spoke with him again a few weeks ago and found out he preached three times since May. I have people no longer use my web development services after meeting me. The stigma that someone with a physical disability is unable to work is still strong and I've seen it in my life. I wondered if that could be why I wasn't getting calls or if my preaching and gravely voice were just that bad.

Thankfully, I received a long-awaited email a few weeks ago asking me to preach. If everything goes as planned, then I should be giving a message at a local church this evening. It felt great getting asked to help and I've had to remember how to review again. I had a sermon prepared for February that I didn't get to use, so I decided to use it and mainly just have to review my notes.

I was scheduled to have a nurse overnight this weekend, but we got a call late Friday evening she couldn't come due to an injury. I was foreseeing preaching after two nights without anyone, but the nurse thankfully came last night.

With September officially halfway complete, my winter hibernation is approaching. I hope to get opportunity to teach God's Word again, but I'm thankful for at least one this year. The next few months will determine if I can stay living at home and be available, or if I need to go somewhere and no longer be active. Either way, I will follow God's plan and serve where He wants me.

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