Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Week Gatherings

With Christmas, it often means getting together with extended family that you don't get to see. I had two parties this week with each side of the family. Dad's side was mainly just with his siblings, but mom's side was with everyone.

Part of family gatherings is talking and getting caught up on the last year. This is where I can sometimes feel awkward at social settings. First, I have a tendency to "graze" conversations in crowds. I don't concentrate on one and instead hear several around me and add to each one at different points.

Second, I'm not always sure what to talk about or have anything to add. Yes, I blog every week and generally find something to write about, but it's a different setting. Most of my cousins are married and have kids. Their conversations are mainly related to family activities and work. I'm a bachelor that frequently spends all day in bed watching YouTube. It can be hard to relate sometimes.

However, I'm glad that I'm able to see my family and hear what everybody has been doing. With the way the quad life was going a few months ago, I wondered if I would be in a nursing home by now. Now that I'm down to just grandmothers, it may not be many years until full family functions completely stop.

Looking back on 2019, it has been an interesting. With losing a primary nurse, a tooth, then my grandfather's passing, it was a challenge. Relying on God though, I'm thankful He has brought me through to this point. I know the year ahead will be troubling in the political world and likely Christian tolerance as well. If I get to participate in another Christmas next year, they could make for good talking points.

Have a great new year and remember to give thanks for each day, and year, God has blessed us to have!

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