Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fighting for Future

Every four years, the United States votes for president as well as multiple other governmental seats. In 2016, it was common to hear that it was the most critical election ever. At that time, it was, but the same chant has come again this election cycle as well. Unfortunately, I agree with the sentiment, again.

Our current leader, President Trump, has had the most challenging term of any modern president. Both political parties, media, and the judiciary have all fought against him on much of what he has done. It seems similar to this picture, working to bring the country ahead while attached to a ball and chain. I don't agree with everything the President has done, or said, but generally like what has been accomplished.

This past week, I read an article about Christian perspective on voting, and watched a video where people were interviewed on candidate choices. They were both good, but also show the current political climate we live in. It used to be that the two major parties had just a few differing points on some aspects of government. Now, they are completely polar opposites of each other with the divide seeming to be growing and encouraged to go that way.

First, as a Christian, I cannot give my support to anyone that would encourage, especially not promote, the killing of children in the womb through abortion. Living the quad life, I also have to carefully watch insurance issues in the political realm. Former Vice President Biden has said he wants to get rid of private insurance and make government controlled healthcare available for everyone. I like the thought of every citizen having medical funding, but also see what other countries experience with similar systems.

Speaking from experience, federally funded insurance would only cover me if I lived in a care facility. Some will say that Canada allows nursing care in a person's home, but America does not have anywhere close to enough nurses to allow it. Private insurance also pays better, we won't get an influx of new medical personnel with a decrease in pay.

In countries with socialized medicine, their is a rapidly growing trend to euthanize those with major medical needs, like me. The reasoning is that it's more economical for society and the person does, or will, have a poor quality of life anyway.

Yes, this another important election. However, whatever the outcome, I'm reminded that God is in control and everything in this life is temporary. That can always be of comfort.

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