Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Out of Touch

You never fully realize how much you use something until it's no longer available. Last week, I posted about my chair not working. Thankfully, dad was able to get it going again after working on it. This week, I lost something else I continually use.

Friday morning, I had done my regularly routine and was watching an online video while flat. It stopped partway through and I noticed my computer was no longer connected to the internet. Short down times happen, but it didn't return after a few minutes. I tried restarting my modem and router, but with no change. A call to my internet service provider didn't help either and they would send out a technician, on Tuesday.

I knew I relied on internet access for a lot, like most people today, but this weekend emphasized how much. Without connection to email, social media, and services like Pure Flix, it felt like living in my childhood again. Thankfully, my great friend John was able to access my email to let clients know their updates would be late. He had a busy schedule himself, but was thankful for his help.

During the down time, I watched movies and TV shows I have saved, but haven't seen in a few years. With no other distractions, I could also make good progress on writing my book and reading others for longer than I normally do.

With restored service today, I now have a backlog of work updates, reading, and more that need attention. While it's somewhat frustrating, I'm also glad that I did refocus on other projects.

I think it's good for everyone to concentrate how much time and energy is focused toward a single object. Living the quad life, it somewhat forces reliance on technology in order to connect with the world and stay active. I don't know how I can try to become less needy on things like the internet, but I realized there are areas I should adjust my time. For the next few days though, I'll likely still be catching up.

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