Sunday, October 28, 2018

Grade Schools

Every fall for the past 14 years, I have visited with students at area Christian grade schools. Each year is unique with questions and observations, and I enjoy every part of it.

Thursday was my fourth school this year, and my last scheduled grade school for this season. With these schools, I met with six second grade classrooms and one combined 3rd/4th grade class totaling around 100 students.

One of the schools had to be rescheduled due to my hospital visit last month which meant I had one school a week for October. Having them back to back helps me keep my routine in my head, but since I also added a college and a church in the mix, it was a challenge keeping each one straight.

For the first time in my visits, a student asked me if I was ever mad at God. I wondered if she had some sort of family experience with a disability, but I didn't pursue it. It's a little challenging answering an eight-year-old that question, but I answered the truth that I've had times of struggle, but know I have been given much more than I deserve.

Also first inquiries for this year was the weight of my chair (501 lbs) and what the white things were on my arms (elbow pads). Before I come to class, I have the teachers show a couple videos of how I use my mouth stick for typing and other tasks as well as biking and zip lining. If a class is quiet, then I need to rely on the extra activities for further talking points, but most of them didn't need it this year.

Two of the schools only had a single classroom and each of them followed me outside like ducks in a row to watch me get in the van. I try to hide grins as I roll down the hall, but I love getting to work with the students and show them that some people have different abilities, but we're all made by God and need to serve Him.

Sadly, two of my regular schools no longer have me back. I have never been told a reason, but my emails don't receive response after a few years of trying. Thankfully, I'm still able to go to several and still pray that I can continue for years to come.

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