Sunday, November 24, 2019

Time for Thanks

In a few days, the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It's a day that's getting overshadowed by shopping for Christmas, but observes an activity that we need to do more than just once a year.

I'm thankful to have a nearly full caregiver schedule again. With the reallocated night nurse helping, November only has two nights scheduled open and one night in December. I'm thankful also that I have close family that helps so much when more care is needed. This week, I was reminded to always give thanks to those around you as well, because life can change rapidly.

Thursday evening, my dad's parents were working on removing carpet on their basement stairs. They both bumped into each other, fell down the stairs, and grandpa hit his head on the cement wall at the bottom. At the hospital, it was determined he had a fractured skull and hip. His brain was also bleeding and less than 24-hours after the accident, he was taken to hospice.

Grandpa and grandma with grand kids
As I write this, my family doesn't know if we have hours, days, or what amount of time left with him in this world. It has been a surprise to see the spry, active, 86-year-old go from running around a grain elevator to being at the end of life.

Living the quad life, I've seen families experience sudden changes when someone goes from being suddenly vent dependent and unable to move. These are times that remind us not to give thanks just one day a year, but every moment of each day.

I know life's circumstances can sometimes make it difficult to find reasons to be thankful. It's easy to want a change to make a situation easier, such as better finances, health, or any number of needs. However, hard times are especially important to look for reasons to give thanks. They can be something as simple as the ability to see, hear, or even take a breath independently. If we take the time, there are always reasons to give thanks.

Above everything, I am thankful for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and resurrection. Anyone who has repented of their sins and trusts in Him alone, can be thankful for the gift of everlasting life. For Christians, death is just the next step to eternal glory and a time of unending thankfulness.

As you go throughout this week and month ahead, look at what you have to be thankful for already. Be sure that it is also directed to the one who gave up His all for us while we were still sinners.


  1. I'm sorry about your grandfather, Joel. Truly, life can change in an instant. Yet, we all have much to be thankful for! Blessings, Beth

  2. Glad to hear your nursing situation has changed. Praise the Lord. Prayers continue for Grandpa and Grandma, both special people!

  3. So sorry to hear about your grandfather, Joel! At the same time, it is a blessing to hear that your nursing scheduled is improving. I will always keep you in my prayers. God works in our lives in mysterious ways.