Friday, January 8, 2021

Two Nations Together

Reading this morning, Friday, was continuing in Genesis, chapter 25. In verse 22, Rebekah is talking to God about problems with her pregnancy, the babies were fighting in her womb. God responded that two nations were within her and the older would serve the younger.

The first book of the Bible is the foundation for the rest of the book. Within a week,  I have already covered nearly 2000 years of history and the foundation of the world. In this passage, I noticed something a lot of people want to deny, God says Rebekah has people, live humans, in her womb.

As abortion continues to be part of many countries, and increasing in allowances, proponents try saying what is in the woman's body is just a clump of cells. However, medical science let's us see a developing embryo and different stages. Through these images, we can clearly see a human, with all correct features.

Any time the Bible talks about a pregnancy, it says a child is in the womb. It's clear in this passage as well as Jeremiah 1, Psalm 39, Luke 1, and elsewhere. When the Bible is used as our foundation in every part of life, it gives the correct way to gauge our thinking.

Sadly, as the world compromises on the Bible, everything else becomes unclear. America will rapidly show this in upcoming weeks, but I pray a return to biblical truth will eventually return.

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