Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Fling

Today marks the first official day of spring in the northern hemisphere. It is when I stop hibernating at home and venture out into the world again. Last year, winter hibernation never really ended, but I'm ready to roll.

After more than a year off from going to church in person, my parents and I made the adventure today. We are out of the Sunday morning routine, but will get back in the habit easily enough.

My typical first visits after winter are also scheduled for this week, doctor's appointments. I often hear people comment they know it's spring when road construction starts. For me, it's medical visits that were missed in the winter. My very first appointment will be with my dermatologist to check on my pressure sores.

Depending on which nurse I ask, and what day, the holes in my skin have either improved, stayed the same, or become slightly worse. My doctor doesn't take measurements, but relies on what the supervisor from my nursing agency says. Her last visit didn't show much progress, but that is typical for my years of dealing with sores.

While I'm looking forward to getting out, not everything is opening up. In early March, applications went out for CHAMP Camp counselors, and campers. It had many restrictions and I wasn't planning to go again this year. A week later, the campgrounds CHAMP Camp uses decided to cancel all camps this summer. Therefore, applications were no longer needed and 2021 will be another virtual year. Without traveling or long days in my chair required, I did apply to be a virtual counselor. I'm not sure their will be much I can assist with, but I'll see if I'm accepted.

In a few weeks, I'm scheduled to visit with my first grade schools in over a year. I'm looking forward to it and once again being Mr. Joel for short periods. Teaching children how to use God's gifts in any form is a fun part of the quad life I have missed.

I will see what the outside world is like again and report back next week!

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