Sunday, April 18, 2021


Most days, my home phone gets junk phone calls. The caller ID will come up as spam, name unavailable, or various other oddities. While biking Tuesday morning, a call came with an odd name on the ID. I expected a robot voice or someone that could barely speak English and had some scheme to get my personal information. To my surprise, it was an actual local person that wanted to speak to me.

It was someone from one of the golf courses in town offering an advertising spot for the year. He said it would be in front of business owners for a full year, many who don't know how to do websites, and potential customers. The rate I was offered wasn't as bad as I expected, but still nearly four months' worth of regular expenses. I thought briefly about taking the offer, but declined it.

This isn't the first year I have let the same advertising opportunity pass. Marketing my web development work sounds good, but it hasn't ever helped before. For the last several months, I have only had between 2.5-4 hours of paying work per month. More work would be great, but it's a catch-22.

My funding for nurses and medical care is partly through government assistance. I can only have very little income and my caregivers can't show helping me with anything job related. Therefore, I would like to earn more of my own income instead of just getting government assistance, but I can't without jeopardizing what I do receive.

Friday was my second school visit out of four this month, two more are later this week. It feels like I'm at a crossroads of staying with web development and trying to keep up with the industry, or going more into speaking and writing. I'm much more inclined to try the latter and see if I can stay busy with it. If this summer stays open to meetings, it may give the opportunity to test the waters.

Whatever comes, I can always strive to keep busy in the quad life and do what God allows. I have been asked some interesting questions at schools so far this month. Next week, I will see if I can decide which was the most unique.

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