Sunday, April 4, 2021

A Tale of Two Easters

Today is Easter Sunday, the day when Christians celebrate our risen Savior. All who repent of their sins and trust in Him alone can be free from eternal punishment in hell. It is a significant day in the church and one not to miss.

A year ago, many churches held virtual Easter service with many pastors preaching to a camera and worshipers watching from home. The world was about a month into the global pandemic, waiting for the two weeks to flatten the curve. This year, most churches are meeting in person again, but still with many restrictions.

I just started going to worship in person a few weeks ago, but again didn't attend this weekend. One of dad's coworkers came to work after he was exposed to the Covid virus from his son. Dad doesn't work with the person directly, but still wants to be cautious. Therefore, we are trying as little interaction between he and I as possible. However, he still needs to help me a lot on weekends when I don't have day assistance. Part of the minimal contact also means not getting in my chair and being around people.

Jesus warned that those who are Christians and follow Him will receive persecution, just as He did. Many early Christians were martyred for their faith by Jews, Romans, and other rulers. The emperor Nero would have Christians covered in flammable liquid, tied to stakes, and burned alive to provide light at night. Some countries in the world today still have extreme persecution. I'm thankful that for this year, many believers were still allowed to gather and worship.

Later this week, I'm scheduled to visit my first grade school in over a year. I'm eager to work with kids again, but I am also wondering if I'll be allowed to go. As long as everyone remains free of symptoms though, all should be fine. I also mailed the two instructors a reminder early last week and I didn't hear back. Showing up at a school without an appointment wouldn't work very well.

Whatever happens the next few days, I'll go with whatever God has planned. Just as He plans were done 2000 years ago, they are today in the quad life.

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