Sunday, May 30, 2021

Memorial Vacation

Memorial Day weekend has long been the unofficial start to summer. Most kids are off from school, the weather is nice, and families get a long weekend to get away. Last year, everybody was stuck in quarantine at home, so I imagine this weekend is especially busy all around the country. For me, it has been just that.

Yesterday, my parents and I picked up fast food for lunch and had a car picnic. Afterword, we went to my paternal grandfather's grave site to add a flower to the existing decorations. The rest of the day, dad spent running around the house doing yard work, vacuuming, and other household cleaning to prepare for vacation.

A few months ago, mom got it arranged that she and dad could be gone this week to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. They normally go out earlier in the year, but one of my evening assistants was busy with helping at her school job until now. That same caregiver is scheduled to have surgery in a little over a week and won't be available until late summer and then return to school. Therefore, my parent's only option was this week.

Mom officially got off of quarantine a few days ago, but is still feeling the effects of having Covid. Coughing still comes and goes and she gets tired after not much work. I think if they had an option to delay going out a few weeks, they would. However, I'm guessing their trip will consist of much napping beside train tracks near various small towns in the Midwest.

This morning started off early with me preaching at a small church about 45 minutes away. It was my first time leading a full service instead of just giving the sermon. I have wanted the opportunity to take a full service before, but it took more planning time and prep work than I fully anticipated.

In a few hours from when this blog goes live, I'll have the house to myself for the week. Assuming I don't completely fail in my responsibilities, I will report on the experience of the quad life in the next entry. Until then, remember those who have fought and died for the freedoms we do enjoy and don't forget that a time will come when each of us to also leave this world and enter eternity.

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