Sunday, December 19, 2021

It's almost Christmas?

It isn't very often I let time get away from me. I live a very scheduled life with certain needs happening at basically the same time every day. My sitting and laying schedule revolves around the medical cares and I know about how much I can do in a certain time period. I try to plan ahead days, or weeks, at a time and pay attention to special events.  Even with this, it doesn't seem like Christmas is less than a week away.

This past Wednesday, Iowa had new record highs in the low 70's. With the warm weather, several tornadoes formed along with high winds throughout the day. This sounds more like a typical day in late spring, not the final week of fall. In general, December has been a relatively warm month and doesn't feel like it should be Christmas. I think I could easily adapt to living further south where high temps are normal for this time of year, but I don't. I think that's part of why it doesn't feel like Christmas, but not all.

With my parents already doing extra work in helping me, they didn't do much for Christmas decorations. I have my regular train tree and lights in my windows, but that's about it. My parents and I are also at the stage of life that we have minimal, if any, Christmas list. It's more often the case of saying, "Here is a link, this would be good for Christmas." It's also the case that if we need something, we usually just get it and not wait.

Sara and I usually listen to a Christian radio station in the morning while she gets me ready. With her gone, I haven't been doing that often. However, I have started to some and have some of my own Christmas library playing while I type this entry.

Ready or not, Christmas will be here in just a few days. In the same way, Jesus will return again before some people expect, whether we are ready or not. Whatever is going on in life at any time of year, let us never forget to always be prepared and to come to God with sincere repentance while we can. The true gift of Christmas doesn't come in a wrapped box, but as a baby in a manger.

Merry Christmas!

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